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NYCOA Sportsman Raffle

2018 NYCOA Sportsman Raffle tickets are being printed and should be for sale by March.  Reach out to your local officer for details around that time.

2017 NYCOA Sportsman Raffle

*** Congratulations to our winners and thank you all for supporting New York State Environmental Conservation Police Officers and our Association- NYCOA!   Winners will be notified directly by mail within the next ten days explaining their options (firearm, prize or cash) as the notices are in the mail.  The list of winners is as follows:

2017 NYCOA Sportsman Super Raffle Winners

Grand prize

Brett Flaitz, sold by Dustin Oliver

2nd Grand Prize

Sheri & Harvin Wilber, sold by Carl Hunter/Donald Pleakis

3rd Grand Prize

JZ Dobies, sold by Mark Wojtkowiak
Firearms or Cash Prize winners
1. Bill Scanlon, sold by Shane Manns
2. Jennifer Yehl, sold by Carl Hunter/Donald Pleakis
3. Linda Poulin, sold by Vern Bauer
4. Alan Avery, sold by Shane Manns
5. Christopher Amato, sold by Christopher Amato
6. Joanne Brownwell, sold by Eric Houser/Jim Hunt
7. Mark Vencak, Mark Vencak
8. Kathy Roselli, sold by Dustin Oliver
9. Victor Civitillo, sold by John Helmeyer
10. Kevin Ermann, sold by Christopher Amato
11. Paul Cascanette, sold by Troy Basford
12. Michael Walters, sold by C. DeRose
13. Danny & Deb Mac, sold by J. Middagh
14. Cheryl Gregory, sold by Joshua Sulkey
15. Rita Pleakis sold by Donald Pleakis
16. Daniel Stetson, sold by Mary Grose
17. Corey Letourneau, sold by Marcia Goodrich
18. Nathaniel Hunginer, sold by Ron Rauscher
19. Mr. Cork, sold by T. Macnamara
20. Craig Huntley, sold by Brett Armstrong
21. Gid Hanggi, sold by Dan Ward
22. David Freeman, sold by Chris Freeman
23. Denny Jerome, sold by Carl Hunter/Donald Pleakis
24. Chad Valentino, sold by Amy DeGraff
25. Shawn Kemmery, sold by A. McCormick
26. Jeff Patronek, sold by Red Barn
27. Bob Bloomer sold by Joshua Sulkey
28. Brian Smith, sold by Fay Fuerch
29. Mike Dangler, sold by Mike Dangler
30. Frank Schepis, sold by Steven Bartoszeski




Convention News

Please join NYCOA on August 6 & 7, 2018 for our Summer Convention in Lake Placid Olympic Village, the home of the 1932 & 80 Olympics. Attendees choosing to camp can stay at nearby campgrounds at DEC Wilmington notch or KOA. The golf tournament will be held at Craig Woods golf course. We will also be getting a group rate for an Olympic passport which includes access to all four of the Olympic facilities and the memorial highway. Information on the hotel and each days events along with registration will be coming soon.  Stay Tuned!