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DEC NEWS (updated 02/08/18)


DEC Law Enforcement makes largest Bottle Bill bust ever.


Environmental Conservation Officer Highlights



ECO Case Highlights

Conviction of Manhattan Antique Merchant in Ivory Case

Ivory Investigation

Ivory Press Conference from Manhattan


DEC Arrest Shooter

November 2016

ECO Highlights

Commissioner Statement

ECO Highlights

ECO Highlights

Black Bear

Three Arrested Poaching Salmon

ECO Highlights

October 2016

BATS – Stay Away

ECO Highlights

ECO Highlights

Comments on Fishing Regulations Extended

ECO Highlights

ECO Highlights

September 2016

ECO Highlights

ECO Highlights

Environmental Conservation Police Arrest Several People for Timber Thefts

ECO Highlights

ECO Highlights

New ECOS graduate from 20ths Basic School – Congratulations to all and to the start of a very rewarding career protecting NYS and its Natural Resources.

August 2016

Fishing Regulations Changes

Deer Season Input

ECO Highlights

Opening of Snowmobile Trail

Help requested for Investigation

ECO Highlights

Waterfowl Season Finalized

New Deer and Bear Hunting Regulations

ECO Highlights

Education Courses Begin

July 2016

Hunting/Trapping Licenses on Sale

Lobster Seizure

Assist with Summer Turkey Survey

ECO Highlights

ECO Highlights

Free Fishing Commments

ECO Highlights

DEC asks for Help with Case in Region 6

ECO Schilinger Name NECLECA Officer of the Year – Congratulations to Myles!

June 2016

ECO Highlights

ECO Highlights

Felony Charges laid by DEC Law Enforcement

May 2016

Printing Company Fined

ECO Mid May Highlights

Venison Business Busted

Deer, Bear, and Fisher Proposed Reg. Changes

ECO Late April Early May Highlights

April 2016

Reduce Coyote Conflict

ECOs Investigate Oil Spill

Tentative Waterfowl Seasons Announced

Interactions with bears

Turkey seasons approaching

Burning ban still in effect

Notable Deer Numbers

Facebook Post of ECO with Caiman

Angler Achievement Award

DLE Award Ceremony

Interstate Cooperation Leads to arrest of Deer Poacher


March 2016 

Three people arrested after assaulting ECO (Please keep him in your prayers/thoughts)

New Academy begins for ECOs