Oneida County Youth Goose Hunt

Region 6 ECOs worked with other sportsmen volunteers to put together a very successful youth hunt for geese in September. Financial and logistical support were provided by the New York Conservation Officers Association, the Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of Oneida County, the New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame, and Zink Calls. The young hunters first attended a training day where they learned about the importance of firearms safety and were schooled in waterfowl identification and the regulations governing waterfowl hunting. On the next day, each youngster was teamed up with an Environmental Conservation Officer and a sportsman mentor to guide them on their hunt. All the participants had a great time and the hunt was a tremendous success. The young hunters harvested a total of 33 geese and they are looking forward to future hunts.

ECOs, sportsman volunteers and young hunters

The successful young hunters and their mentors