ECO Kimberly Garnsey is our Membership Coordinator.  ECO Garnsey graduated from the 19th Basic Academy in 2013 and is currently stationed in Brooklyn. She hails from Schoharie County, where she enjoys hunting, riding horses, and spending time with her Lakhota!

If you have questions on membership, you can contact Kimberly by email at


The dues structure for the Association is as follows:

* $52.00 per year for active Environmental Conservation Officers and Investigators. (Full Membership Application)


  • $52.00 or $37.00 per year for Contributing Retired Officers depending on membership option chosen. (see Retiree Application)

All members receive a subscription to New York Outdoor News and a subscription to our newsletter, “The New York State Conservation Officer”.

And, of course, with membership comes the knowledge that you are supporting the many worthwhile activities of the Association. Your dues are contributing directly to the future health and well being of our State’s environment and natural resources. By enabling us to conduct our youth education and public outreach projects, together we will be contributing to a better-informed generation that understands and cares deeply about the protection and conservation of our fish, wildlife and beautiful outdoor heritage.

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